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Businesses in today’s world are all about visibility. This is not without good reason; reaching out to one’s audience is the most important step in gaining and retaining interest. In the age of information, the World Wide Web is the primary source for exposure. Advertising has its applications on the internet, but the majority of traffic comes from search engines, such as Google or Bing. Due to the enormous amount of webpages on the web, visibility is not something easily achievable through this avenue – that is where Sacramento SEO and internet marketing steps in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is exactly what it sounds like; optimizing a page to rank higher in search engine results.

How Search Engines Work

The basis of a search engine lies in its use of crawler bots. Engines such as Google have a program that visits as many pages as possible to collect information on that page, such as text, images, videos, and metadata. This has been the most preferred method of search indexing since the dawn of the internet. The search engine then takes that gathered information and sorts it, using any number of methods to determine what comes first, what is omitted, etc. In the older incarnations of Google Search, results were simply organized based on how many times the entered keywords appeared on each page. Once webmasters caught on to this, it posed a problem in the form of integrity of the results.

Sacramento SEO and internet marketing

Search Engine Optimization Services Sacramento

Early forms of SEO involved simply pasting keywords in huge lists on some ambiguous portion of one’s website to move up in the ranks. This is now considered a black hat technique, which just means that it is unethical and undermines the intention of the algorithms designed by search engines. Since then, most engines have developed much more complex ways of determining what a “relevant result” is; as such, optimizing a website has become much more difficult. That is what companies like Sacramento SEO are for.

The process of optimization can be difficult to execute properly. Mistakes can cause huge problems – if one overdoes the techniques involved in optimizing for search engines, the sorting methods will just determine the site to be intentionally interfering with results and will discard the site, sometimes entirely. It is a process of precision and tact.

Sacramento SEO and Internet Marketing Company Marketing1on1

As an established and respected SEO resource, Sacramento SEO can promise its clients real, visible results in terms of search engine rank and hit counts for your website. We never make any alterations to your website that will upset visitors or violate the boundaries set forth by the various search engines out there today. Clients can rest assured that the team which will be working on their website is full of responsible and highly trained professionals.

Whether you choose to work with us for a single tune-up or extended SEO, you will be happy with the results. Tune-ups are used to boost the position of your identity for an important event (or merely just to try the service out). Extended SEO is a more permanent solution to optimization which entails our team working with you continuously to ensure that your website stays on top of the list as trends change and the content of your website shifts.

Unique or Return Hits?

People are impressed when they see a website with a hit counter that is astronomical. For some websites this is indeed impressive, but for anything selling or advertising something, many unique hits don’t mean as much as fewer return hits. The difference here primarily lies in how the website is optimized for search engines.

Sacramento SEO will not just drive more traffic to your website; it will drive the right traffic to your website. People who visit more than once are often customers whereas unique viewers are many times “just looking”. In order to hit the correct audience, it is important to use keywords and methods that honestly pertain to exactly what your website is about. This way, people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer will be able to find it easily and quickly from any search engine. It may even be annoying to some users to arrive at your page due to improper use of tags or the unusual “accidental SEO” where the content on a page unknowingly exhibits the proper qualities of optimization for an unrelated keyword.

The web is a grand expanse of information and a business space. Visibility is indeed the most important aspect of any company. Invest in your future and contact our Sacramento SEO Company today.

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