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Content Writing

Marketing is crucial in helping a business thrive. If you do not get your product into people’s minds they will never think about contacting you. The Internet is the best way to market your business these days, but not every company has a big budget for advertising. Article marketing and content writing is so popular because it’s affordable and effective.

Driving People To Your Website

Owning a website is a standard business practice today. However, having a professional website will not guarantee you business. There are more websites around than any person could visit in one life time, and there can be only ten of them on the first page for any Google search. If you do not make it easy for people to find you, they will likely end up on your competitor’s websites. This is where content marketing and article writing becomes a valuable tool. You can spread around well written and useful articles that point to your website. Simply upload your articles to trusted article submission directories, which already rank well on Google. You will usually need to sign up but this process should be either cheap or free.

Making You An Authority

Your products or services might be the best in the industry, but people will never know until they have done business with you. Attracting first time customers is a struggle and article writing, or any content creation, can help. Creating a plethora of useful information shows people that you are experienced, skillful and understand your industry. If you want to develop a reputation as a leading expert, consider creating a section on your website with free information and answers to frequently asked questions. Yes, you will be giving away free information, but it is likely to boost your business and return your investment many times. Having a lot of useful information will also lead people to link to your site and boost your Google page rank, which is definitely good for business.

What Should You Write?

Have you ever been online and found an article title that matched your search, only to find that there was no useful information? Even worse is when the content nothing more than a blatant advertisement for a product or service. When writing articles, many people assume that customers are lacking intelligence and will fall for cheap sales pitches. This is the most common mistake. You always have to ensure that your articles or similar content are useful, concise and show respect to potential customers. Once you have helped someone out, they will be more likely to trust you enough to follow a link to your site and spend money with your company.

Should You Hire A Writer?

If you have made the decision to boost your business with article marketing and content writing, you have two basic options. You can either write your own content or hire a writer to do it for you. The first choice is the cheapest, but if you are not that great of a writer, it might make your business look amateurish. There are always free online writing courses and websites if you want to improve your skills. If you cannot justify spending time writing dozens of articles, and you have an large enough budget, hiring a writer is the best option. You can try hiring writers from freelancing sites, but remember, if they only charge fifty cents per article, and act inappropriately, you are not going to receive quality content.

Content writing and article marketing is an efficient and potentially cheap way to create a positive virtual presence for your business. If done correctly it can be exactly what your business needs in order to grow.

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