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What is Off-Page SEO and Why Is It Important?

What is Off-Page SEO and Why Is It Important?

Are you struggling to rank in Google no matter how much time and effort you pour into it? It is very possible that your off-page SEO could be the reason why you are not seeing the results that you want to. SEO is divided into two different categories: off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Many people view off-page SEO as something that is very similar to building links. In this post we are going to talk about the following things:

  • What exactly off-page SEO is
  • The difference between off-page SEO and on-page SEO
  • The importance of off-page SEO
  • Off-page factors related to links
  • Off-page factors that are unrelated to links

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eCommerce SEO

If you are going to have any real success in the world of e-commerce today you have to understand exactly how Google and the other major search engines rank different pages and different companies – and then you have to understand how to skyrocket your results in those rankings to push a flood of targeted traffic to your shop.

eCommerce SEO

Without a bedrock foundation of search engine optimization leading the charge when it comes to finding new customers your odds of success in e-commerce really crater. If you don’t have a flood of new prospects and new customers visiting your shop on a regular basis your sales never going to take off – and your shop won’t ever help you build the kind of business you deserve or the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of.

Here at Marketing1on1, we can handle all of the e-commerce search engine optimization heavy lifting for you, pushing that flood of targeted traffic to your shop while you focus on all the other key areas of your business.

Effective online store optimization

Everything our Marketing1on1 team does begins with an on page online store optimization analysis that figures out what your e-commerce SEO looks like right now and how to best tweak and adjust things so that you can get fantastic results in a timely manner.

Our professionals will look for ways to better streamlined your web content and navigation, optimize your pages for lightning fast loading, and really do a deep dive into the bones of your e-commerce shop to guarantee that it is doing everything today’s major search engines are looking for to rank highly.

After that, our Marketing1on1 experts conducted in-depth research to figure out EXACTLY what keywords are going to give you the highest level of success in the competitive and cutthroat industry of e-commerce. We’ll identify the best possible customers and consumers that are as close to pulling the trigger on a purchase as possible, flooding your site with the kind of traffic that converts into paying customers at a high rate.

Extend your success with off page optimization

Only after your on page optimization has been optimized will our experts begin to set up our proprietary off page search engine optimization strategies, strategies that we have built over our nine years of experience doing exactly this kind of work for hundreds and hundreds of clients.

We roll out the red carpet for our clients when it comes to off page search engine optimization and link building, building connections with industry authorities that can flood your page with “link juice” – transforming your new e-commerce shop into a major player in your industry in the eyes of Google and the other major search engines.

We also help you develop content marketing strategies, social influence strategies, and other off page strategies proven to drive traffic time and time again. These are the EXACT same strategies that we’ve used to help hundreds of our clients land first page results faster than they ever.

In-depth reporting every step of the way

At the end of the day, you deserve to know that your e-commerce SEO efforts are actually working and aren’t a waste of time, money, and effort – and that’s why we provide full and in-depth reporting every single step of the way.

We provide detailed keyword reports with daily dashboard access so that you know exactly what’s working for you as far as search engine optimization is concerned on a day by day basis. We provide backlinks reports so that you know what kind of “link juice” is being created for you and how its impact is boosting your traffic.

We provide integrated analytics access so that your internet marketing dashboard ties directly into a Google Analytics dashboard, giving you that big picture and granular view of your search engine optimization so that your finger is always on the pulse of your traffic strategies.

Transparency is the name of the game when it comes to e-commerce search engine optimization, particularly since there are so many other shops out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to results without being able to deliver.

You will never have that problem with our help here at Marketing1on1.

Contact us today for more information!

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