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Social Bookmarking

social bookmarkingSocial Bookmarking has had huge effects in SEO for a long period of time now. However there are certain things you need to do to get the absolutely best results from services. Unfortunately for most web masters these techniques and strategies are often well out of their reach due to the use of automation software which can cost hundreds of dollars.

How do social bookmarks work?

You probably understand how bookmarking works already as it is implemented in almost all web browsers that are available to use today. When you bookmark a website you essentially save it to a list of your favorite sites to visit. Google itself cannot see this particular action as it would be against privacy laws to dig through your files to find this. However it can see what websites you have saved to other websites as a social bookmark does appear as a backlink.

When put with social networking, social bookmarking becomes very easy on a relatively small scale. A social bookmark is created almost as soon as you post a link on a social network website such as Facebook or Twitter. Not only does it create a backlink to your website that all of your friends or followers can see, but the social system itself bookmarks the website (as you can always go back through your history to find it again).

Social Bookmarking on a huge scale

social bookmarking sites Of course a single social bookmark is not going to do much for your website as we have previously mentioned. However social bookmarking can be done on a massive scale if it needs to be. This includes creating hundreds of accounts on the social media platforms and then sharing your link hundreds of times. The result is X amount of social bookmarks (one type of link juice) plus X amount of backlinks which are seen as another type of link juice. With these links coming from high PR and well reputable websites such as Facebook and Twitter they often work very well in any SEO campaign.

The great thing about dofollow social bookmarking is that it has survived all of Google’s algorithm updates such as the penguin and panda updates which have been implemented to try and eliminate search engine optimization. Various search engine optimization experts including ourselves are still seeing great results from manual social bookmarking strategies whilst noticing a drop in effect from other link types.

Buying Social Bookmarking Submission

We as a quality service provider have a range of social bookmarking services for seo available at unbelievable prices. Social bookmarking sites mixed with many of our other link building packages can really help to boost your rank in the SERPs and provide the authority it needs.

The good thing about buying your social bookmarks through us is that you receive a top quality service from a reliable and trustworthy provider. We make sure that your bookmarks come from quality social media accounts. We maintain a high level of service with all of our search engine optimization services and will always be available to answer any questions regarding your concerns.

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