Guest Posting & Blog Posting

Guest Posts are one of the latest, and some would say the greatest link building strategies to come to light. However being one of the harder link building options out there it seems that not many people implement it as part of their link building campaign. Let’s have a look at what guest posts are and how they can seriously boost your website in SERPS.

What is a guest post?

To put it simply a guest post is a post on a website or blog that is not your own. It means that you have a high quality and unique article written on a subject area that you are targeting. Once the article has been written you must contact various web masters who are reputable in your target niche (by reputable, we mean high ranking and preferably have a website with a high page rank). To get your guest post published you need to make an agreement with the webmaster of the website where you would like the article to sit. Most web masters wont have a problem with hosting your content as long as it is of high quality, informative and relevant to their own website as well as your own. At the end of the day they are getting quality, unique content for their website for free. You on the other hand are getting a high quality back link pointing to your money or corporate website.

How to get backlinks from a guest post?

Guest posts do take a lot more effort when compared to a simple blog comment or auto approve article back link however their link juice is well worth it.
The first step is to find a list of high quality websites or blogs that are highly related to your niche. Remember that Google and other search engines always prefer links that come from websites that are related to your own content. Once you have a list of websites you need to check their Page Rank.

Page Rank is Google’s way of ranking a website in terms of credibility and authority. The truth is that links from a PR6 website or blog is much more effective than from a PR0. This will narrow your list of websites down and then you need to contact the owners. This can be the hard part and needs to be done properly. You need to ensure that the owner knows you are going to add value to their website by giving them free quality content. However be sure to note that you would like the backlink to remain in the article so that every one benefits from your offer.

As you can see guest posts involve a lot more work than other link building methods however they can produce amazing results. You can take a look at our guest post packages and benefit from such techniques without even lifting a finger. Some of the blogs that we currently can submit guest posts to are health blogs, technology blogs, business blogs, home improvement blogs, small business blogs, food blogs, lifestyle, finance blogs, real estate blogs, fashion blogs, fitness blogs, wedding blogs, travel blogs, automotive blogs, music blogs, educational blogs and may more. If you want to build a respectable website that is considered to be powerful due to strong natural backlinks, guest posts are really one of the only ways to go.