Contextual Backlinks

What are contextual backlinks?

Unbeknown to many of the webmasters who are new to the search engine optimization world, many of the links people build to their websites are already contextual backlinks. In fact many people make contextual backlinks without even knowing what they are. Contextual backlinks are also known as “in content text backlinks” meaning that you have a piece of text (usually anchor text) that links back to your website somewhere in the content.

The great part about contextual backlinks is that webmasters can use them to target various other keywords. The truth is that Google and most of the other search engines use the actual text that links to your site to add authority for that particular phrase. For example if you have your backlink with the anchor text “contextual backlinks” you are likely to have a little more authority and a higher rank when someone searches for contextual backlinks.

How your contextual backlinks should be implemented.

Article Marketing

You can get some of the best contextual backlinks through high quality, high PR article directories. This technique is commonly referred to as article marketing. The best thing to remember here is that not only the quality of the directory site you are using matters, the quality of the content being used will also play a huge part in adding authority for your keywords. You can write a high quality article (which must meet the requirements of the article site before submission) and usually include 2 links pointing back to the website per article.

Blog posts

Blog posts or guest posts are also a great form of contextual backlinks and this is why web2.0 backlinks are currently more popular than ever. Web2.0 properties are often created with a specific and relevant topic in mind. You then put blog posts with contextual links back to your website using relevant anchor text to help you target your primary keywords. You can even backlink to the web 2.0 properties as part of a link wheel or link pyramid to help give extra link juice to your main site.

Press Releases

While a lot of people do not implement press releases as part of their SEO strategy it can be extremely powerful. Contextual backlinks are placed within the press release text and it is then submitted to hundreds of news sites where it should hopefully attract traffic for your product, service or website.

Contextual backlinks are well worth their cost and are sure to be a massive aid for any search engine optimization campaign. With the various types of contextual links available it is a great way to implement link diversity and make your backlinking strategy look as natural as possible. Contextual links are now one of the most recommended backlinks as you can find out from many top SEO blogs and websites.