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Why Building Your Brand and Social Presence Is Important in Internet Marketing

Ever since you decided to start your own online business, you have been dreaming of the moment when money would start flowing and yet, despite the aggressive SEO campaigns that you put up, it is not happening. That is because people nowadays want more than smart marketing strategies poured up their throat, they want viable brands, they want significant stories, they want to feel important. Therefore, in order to draw traffic to your site, to make people talk about you and to sell your products or services, you need a thorough reputation, you need to turn your site into a powerful brand that can take down any competitor. That means starting everything with this purpose in mind, from choosing the products to promote to designing your site and promoting it. You need to follow the same line, to send the same message, to conquer your place in SERPs and on the social networks gradually but surely. Continue Reading

The Benefits of Having a Blog on Your Website

A lot of people consider blogging a waste of time and money. However, most SEO companies recommend blogs for their customers’ websites, claiming that they bring a lot of benefits. To bring some light into the matter, lets remember what search engine optimization gurus claim that Google loves the most in ranking websites: backlinks and original content published on regular basis. As far as the content is concerned, blogging is certainly the best way to lure the spiders and to make them index your website. However, if you build your blog posts around relevant keywords for you niche and you link those keywords to your homepage, you get contextual backlinks, and, indeed, the conclusion that blogging can be considered a contextual link building technique is correct. In terms of backlinks, things seem a little more complicated due to the fact that there are several types of backlinks and it is hard to tell which type is more appreciated according to the Google algorithms. However, every backlink represents a step forward and blogging can bring you hundreds or thousands of inbound links. Continue Reading

How to Choose the Best Marketing Company?

If you want to be successful in your line of business, you need to rely on a proficient marketing company. However, that means knowing what to look for and where to look, as, given the high competition in the field, finding the right company is not exactly easy and you cannot afford to settle for half measures when it is your success at stake.

You need to know from the beginning, not just on what services you can count and how much they cost, but also how efficient the customer service is, what kind of reputation the company has, what software they work with, how qualified the staff is and whether their strategies can meet your ideas half way. The best results can only be obtained working with the best people.   Continue Reading

Press Releases – The Perfect Tools for a Good Marketing Campaign

Any company knows that it is very important to be known by the consumers. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if your targeted consumers don’t know that you exist, your business is in jeopardy. Media is a very important tool in getting to be known on the market. Every company has at least one employee who is in charge of press releases.

Why Press Releases?

Nowadays, radio and television stations are exceeded by the Internet. Search engines are at everyone’s reach, and this is the best market to be exploited by a company. The first step for a company to be known is audiovisual campaigns. For 20 seconds or more, an audio or a visual fitting will let the people know that you exist, you are there, on the market, your product is helpful, your company is strong. The problem with these campaigns is that they cost a lot of money. If you go national, you should know that the budget for these actions should be quite a large one. Even if you go local, the budget a company spends is large enough. But, once you are known, the next step comes: to stay in touch with your consumers through press releases. These are the tools that will help you spend less money and make your product known as well. Continue Reading
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